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What's Your Relationship With Profit?

You've probably realized that building a PROFITABLE business isn't as easy as you'd like it to be...

Is your business in the red?
Are you burning through cash?
Are your operations sloppy & chaotic?
Do you need a solid growth strategy?

We Can Help You With That

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What Makes Retention Champs So Different?

The Retention Champs framework is a hybrid strategy that focuses on 4 aspects of business performance. With this strategy,
your business will grow rapidly & sustainably. It's the secret sauce Retention Champs clients use to beat out competition.

Retention Champs Hybrid Growth Strategy Works for B2B & B2C Companies

Consultants Coaches Edupreneurs
Fortune 500 Companies Small Businesses Marketing Agencies
Software Companies Service Based Companies E-commerce Entrepreneurs
Fitness Entrepreneurs Manufacturers ...and more!

If you are a business that wants to increase profitability, you need Retention Champs.

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Entrepreneur’s Bootstrap Toolkit

Three powerful videos & downloadable tools to help you boostrap your business to high profit.

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Welcome to Retention Champs!

We're the Trikha Brothers & founders of Retention Champs. For a combined 15+ years we've been helping driven entrepreneurs & organizations achieve their profit goals with unstoppable force, deliver spectacular value to their customers, & live passionate lives.

Early on in our entrepreneurial journey we noticed our clients had a huge problem: they were struggling to take home a decent profit. They were only focusing on one aspect of growth and leaving the other major parts of their business on the backburner. This caused our clients to be in a constant feast or famine cycle that they couldn't break out of. That's why we created our Hybrid Growth Strategy to help these small business owners increase profitability without hitting a growth ceiling. We replicated this successful formula with other businesses and have since helped Fortune 500 companies, Startups, & individual entrepreneurs thorugh workshops & coaching.

When you're not using an efficient and effective system to achieve your business goals, then you're wasting critical time, and most likely falling behind the competition. You're a winner, let's not let that happen. Learn how Retention Champs can help you accomplish your vision.

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Some of our clients

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We offer high impact online programs that are at the intermediate & advanced levels. We do not teach you how to start a business from scratch. You can learn more about that information for free on our YouTube channel & Instagram. These programs are for entrepreneurs who have already established their business & are looking to grow their profit margins & create powerful enterprises.

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What People Are Saying

Susie Gamboa

The instructors are very professional, knowledgeable, encouraging, and inviting. Their method of teaching makes concepts very easy to understand and apply to both your professional and personal life.

(Purchasing Agent)

Edwin Rivera

They provided training that was very well organized and easy-to-learn. Not only did they give us knowledge, but they helped us put the knowledge into action immediately for our company, vendors, and customers.


Dave Murphy

Gentlemen you just continue to demonstrate your excellent character and I can’t tell you how much it means to have you in my corner.

(QA Manager)

Lowell Gwaltney

The experience with the company and staff has always exceeded our expecations. The professionalism of the business and the staff communication is outstanding. I would recommend this company to anyone that is seeking growth and improvement in their business



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